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Alex Cecil @ Schimanski

Alex Cecil

Alex Cecil @ Burning Man

Alex Cecil @ Schimanski

  • A proponent of the New York underground scene, Alex Cecil is esteemed for his ability to meld a myriad of diverse, musical strands into an incredibly unique set composed of heavy bass lines and dark but uplifting melodies.

  • His prowess with the cello — an instrument he’s played since age 7 — gives him his unique take on performance, composition and transitions.


Born and raised in Manhattan, Alex Cecil is a serious proponent of the New York underground scene.  His unique take on performance, composition and transition come from him being a classical artist since age 7 — him and his cello have performed at Carnegie Hall. 

Esteemed for his ability to meld a myriad of diverse musical strands into a unique journey, Cecil understands moments of peace, moments of tension, moments of aggression and moments of resolution. And he plays them all seamlessly. Alex Cecil doesn’t just make people listen. He makes them move. He makes them feel. He takes listeners on a trip.

His sets tell a story from beginning to end, with a surprise here and a surprise there. It’s the kind of trouble you crave.  A quiet troublemaker, a mastermind of mischief — always scheming with a smile on his face. Lovable, menacing and undeniably talented.  After years of dedication and countless bedroom sets, Cecil’s journey officially began in January 2012 with an underground gig in downtown Manhattan.  From there he’s worked his way up to become a resident at the best day party at Burning Man — DISTRIKT. 

He's performed at legendary New York venues like Pacha, Output and Cielo — or around the world in Paris, Aspen, St. Barth and of course his second home — Miami.  Being featured on events for Teksupport (Gather) , BangOn!, Members Only, and IFEEL he’s shared the bill with the likes of DJ Tennis, DJ Three, Agoria, Art Department, Paco Osuna and Stacy Pullen.   


Cecil's work ethic consists of constantly pushing his sound to the next level as he continues to discover what’s new, what’s groundbreaking, while also creating his own kind of “new.”  He defines success not by what he does, but by what he does for people, striving to convert people’s perspectives through music.

Cecil’s sound lives in the delicate intersection between dark indie house and uplifting melodies. As he put it, “There can be both, and it can be beautiful.” Some call his style “horizontal disco” and some say it’s “a playful warehouse attitude.” One thing’s for sure, his DJ sets will transport you to a colorful and exciting rollercoaster of sound. As a curator of good vibes, Alex Cecil has one clear objective: for seasoned music heads and newcomers alike to come together and join in his fascinating and crazy yet eloquent journey.